We’re a team of Shopify marketing experts that helps you grow your online store. Learn how to market a Shopify store when you partner with our professional team and let’s boost your site’s revenue.

Market Your eCommerce Store With a Team of Shopify Experts

Running a Shopify store is complicated. There are many different moving parts that you need to be aware of at any given time. You have to be aware of product distribution, sales, refunds, and more. And, on top of all that, you need to be putting energy into marketing your Shopify store so that you can draw in new clients. All of this can be downright exhausting and can leave you struggling to create a solid marketing plan.

The good news is that that’s why the team at Digital Sale Marketing exists. We’re a team of Shopify marketing experts that’s here to help you market your online store and start generating more revenue than ever. We’ll craft a custom Shopify marketing strategy that leaves you with the tools you need to be successful.

If you’re ready to start improving your sales, receiving more revenue, and reaching more customers, you’re in the right place. Get started marketing for Shopify with a contract from Digital Sale Marketing!

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Full-Service Shopify Marketing Strategies

Running a successful marketing campaign is about more than posting a few pictures on your company’s Instagram or creating a few Facebook ads. It’s about creating a well-rounded campaign that includes every aspect of digital marketing so that your team has a strong online presence. At Digital Sale Marketing, we do just that by offering you multiple different digital strategies as part of your online campaign.

We start by focusing on local SEO. This includes adding geotags, schema, and local keywords to the existing content on your site. It can also mean ensuring that your site is listed in local directories and that it’s easily visible by those in your locality. With this part of your campaign, you reach clients who are already in your direct vicinity and in need of your products.

Next, we focus on content creation and optimization. We’ll comb through the content on your site and help you come up with content strategies that incorporate relevant keywords and offer valuable information to your readers and potential site visitors. We’ll also develop a link-building strategy that guides visitors through your site and encourages them to make a purchase.

We’ll also put a focus on Facebook and Google advertising. With PPC advertisements we’re able to help you reach out to clients through paid traffic. This gets you, new visitors, at a low cost and helps you draw in more immediate traffic than several of our other long-term SEO strategies.

Finally, we tie everything together with backend SEO optimization on your site. This is where we focus on the schema, site speed, and other unseen aspects of SEO that can greatly impact your site’s visibility and improve your website’s overall digital presence and ranking.

How We Work

We’ve developed a simple method for getting Shopify store owners started with digital marketing strategies.

Step One: Contact Our Team

The first step to working with the team at Digital Sale Marketing is to get in touch. We’re available by phone, email, or contact form, making sure that no matter how you choose to reach out we’ll be able to get you squared away. After all, our mission is to be there for you at all times and to help you be there for your customers, too!

Step Two: Speak With an SEO Specialist

Once you’ve reached out to us we’ll get you set up with a FREE consultation. This is where we learn more about your business, your current online success, your goals, your strengths, and your weaknesses. We gather this information and compile it together to get you set up with a quote for our digital marketing services.

Step Three: Campaign Setup and Launch

After you’ve agreed to your contract it’s time for us to get to work! We’ll start our efforts by focusing on the research and setup of your campaign. This is what helps us identify which keywords we should be targeting and how exactly we can help your business to be a success.

Step Four: Analysis and Reporting

The last piece of the puzzle is to continuously analyze and report on our work. We’re a highly transparent team that believes in providing you with accurate data and site metrics regarding your campaign’s performance. This is what helps us to continue improving your campaign and providing you with exceptional results.

Our Pricing

At Digital Sale Marketing, we believe in providing you with affordable digital marketing services. That’s why our team offers the most competitive rates in the industry. Working with us means receiving a quality marketing campaign while still knowing that you’ve got money left for a rainy day. Get started with one of our custom marketing plans today!

We’re Your First Choice for Shopify Marketing in the United States

The team at Digital Sale Marketing has been helping Shopify store owners effectively market and manage their businesses for years. That’s what’s made us one of the top teams for eCommerce marketing that there is! Work with us and rest assured that you’re being supported by a trustworthy and competent team.

Make Waves With Your Shopify Marketing Strategy

Are you ready to start transforming your business with Shopify marketing techniques that actually work? Reach out to our team today and let’s get you set up with Shopify marketing techniques that you’ll love. We can’t wait to start taking your eCommerce store to new heights!

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